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In-Game Screenshot

Previews for Taxiball have started popping up around the intarwebs!

Check ‘em out!

Also! iPhone Games Network has a podcast which you can download here! At about 24 minutes in, they discuss Taxiball! It’s a great little preview, be sure to check it out!

For an awesomely mindbending preview of the game, check this out!

Last, but not least, Taxiball has a fan page on Facebook! Become a fan of Taxiball today!

3 thoughts on “Previews!

  1. I would say I like this game but I can’t play it! I can’t get past the menu screen where you have to enter your name, I don’t have wifi (iPod touch). Surely this is an oversight on your behalf, as at the moment i’ve paid my money but have nothing to show from it! Can you sort this?

  2. One note, again – you *only* need a connection the very first time you play. So if you can find a free hotspot somewhere, you just need to register a handle, and from then on, you can play entirely offline.

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