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Our newest game, Word Ace, is LIVE on the Palm Pre!

Redwood City, CA — Self Aware Gamesâ„¢ (http://www.selfawaregames.com) is pleased to announce the release of Word Aceâ„¢ for the Palm® Preâ„¢ phone.

The Word Ace application for Palm webOS™ combines the strategy and competition of Texas Hold ‘Em and the intellectual challenge of Scrabble®-like word creation into a fast-paced, challenging multiplayer online game you carry in your pocket. Do you have the cards and the skill to build the highest-scoring word, or are you going to have to bluff your way to victory?

• Online Multiplayer: Play with (or against) your friends online any time. Jump into a public game and compete against players across the globe, or set up a table for you and your friends.
• Infinitely Replayable Fun: Play Word Ace™ for a day, or play it for a year, and every time you pick it up, you’ll face a new challenge. Like any classic, Word Ace™ never gets old.
• Friends List: Add people to your Friends List, and you can play online with them any time. Invite a friend to your game with a simple click, or hop into a game they’re playing just as easily.
• Unique picture-based emotes: Win with an incredible word? Show your opponents you’re gloating. Smile or frown at your opponents with a simple click & drag.
• In-game text chat: Drop your friends a quick message through Word Ace’s in-game chat system! Someone win with a lousy word? Let them know what they should have spelled instead.
• Daily Chip Bonuses: Every day you play you earn a free chip bonus – so don’t let a day go by without a game of Word Aceâ„¢!

The best feature yet? All this is free. Play Word Ace™ online as much as you like, and it’ll cost you exactly nothing.

About the Palm Pre Phone
Palm Pre is the first phone running the new Palm webOS platform, which brings together your important information from where it resides – on your phone, at your work or on the web – into one logical view.(1) Palm Synergy™, a key feature of Palm webOS, pulls your contacts and calendars from places like Outlook, Google and Facebook, so everything is right there for you when you need it. Palm Pre also lets you flip back and forth between all the things you have open at once—instead of opening and closing them—so you can flow easily between applications without losing your place. The phone’s exquisite design includes a touch screen and a physical keyboard that slides out only when needed for fast access to anything on the device or web.

About Self Aware Games:
Self Aware Games, Inc. was founded in 2009 to build games that take advantage of the new generation of mobile devices. Backed by Social Concepts, Inc., whose advisors include Elon Musk, Jeff Skoll, and the founding members of Hotornot.com, the future of games is Self Aware. To find out more, go to http://www.selfawaregames.com

(1) Use of this device requires providing a valid e-mail address, mobile phone number, and related information for account setup and activation. Unlimited usage data plan strongly recommended; additional data charges may apply. Within wireless coverage area only. Number of applications and actual performance will vary depending on applications used and actions performed.

Palm, Pre, webOS and Synergy are among the trademarks or registered trademarks owned by or licensed to Palm, Inc.

Check out a video walkthrough here:






4 thoughts on “Word Ace!!!

    • Brooksie – we’re working on it. It’ll be available (in a few months) on the App Marketplace as Card Ace: Casino. Casino includes Word Ace, Card Ace: Hold ‘Em & Card Ace: Blackjack in one app, with a whole new People Grid browser & a TON of new features.

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