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Hey. How’s it going?

It’s been a while since we’ve had really big news… and now we have two things that are pretty darned interesting. The first thing? We’re about to release the biggest updates we’ve had yet to Word Ace, Card Ace: Blackjack, and Card Ace: Hold ‘Em.

The biggest thing? The brand-new People Grid.

One of the things that people have loved about the Ace games is the ability to play with their friends – not just friends from “real life”, but friendships that have formed from playing Word Ace or Card Ace together for months and months. So now, when you fire up the game, you can instantly find your friends by just looking for familiar faces. The rest of the Grid is full of Featured Players – players that have done something interesting – so you can jump into a game with someone who’s giving away tons of gifts, racking up popularity, or chatting up a storm.

The simple fact is that this is a game you want to play with people. Now every aspect of the interface works toward that goal. Wanna jump into a game based on blind size? Not a problem. All that’s still there, as well.

We’ve also got a brand new feature for Card Ace: Hold ‘Em – Sit & Go tournaments! Ante up for a Sit & Go, and if you can be the last player standing, you win a huge stack of chips. It’s a whole new way to play – winning is based on your skill at Hold ‘Em – you can’t buy back into these games.

But the big surprise? Card Ace: Casino is all three of our apps in one. Word Ace, Blackjack, and Hold ‘Em, all in a single app. Jump into a game of Blackjack, and when your friend invites you to a game of Word Ace, join their game with a single click. All your awards, all your friends in one place.

Card Ace: Casino will be launching soon on iOS, with Retina Display support for the iPhone 4.


The craziest thing of all? That’s not all we’ve been up to.

27 thoughts on “Card Ace: Casino

  1. So your saying the Kinect is better then all 3? Grandkids want the kinect, my son wants the move for Christmas. With that being said I can only choose one to purchase when they all come home or over for visits. This may help my choice just makiing sure that is what you were saying that Kinect is better in your eyes.

    • Hoo. That’s a tough one. It’s really hard to say because frankly, neither one has a lot of software at the moment. I like ‘em based on what I think their potential is, but if I were recommending them to someone else, I’d suggest actually waiting for a little while & seeing which ends up with the better software lineup.

    • Hi, Katherine – just click on the box in the lower left corner from the main menu, which will open the profile popup, then select “EDIT PROFILE”. Once you do that, you should be able to upload your images through that interface no problem!

  2. Love all Selfaware Games form. BJ, HOLD em to word! It’s just getting very slow Hard to. Connect at time’s even getting booted out with loss of major large bet types! On any android device .. still try to play when possible! Once the software is upgraded & if it works as I think it will & you say .. really looking forward to that .. thanks again ..!

  3. I was wondering why you can’t send messages on the card ace casino thats downloaded from the android market i have an htc evo shift and it will not let me send a message in the chat box why is that?

  4. Any chance this has fixed the thing where people randomly disappear from your friend’s list without you hitting “Remove Friend”? Terrific app otherwise.

  5. What do you do with gold, or how do you cash it in? Is there any FAQ or other info about the game you can read online?

    • It depends slightly on which game you’re playing, but if you look for a little chat bubble, it should either be in the upper right, or the lower left. Just click on the button to open up the chat window, and then chat to your heart’s content! Just click the same button to close the chat back up.

  6. When my apt switch to big fish I cannot play the tournaments anymore is it going to be offered soon or is it something that you do not have at all for texas holdem?????

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