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Finally, the iPad version of Card Ace: Casino is live!

There’s a big difference between having a small multitouch interface and a large one. And while I realize that may be a silly thing to say, I’m surprised by how many people either have completely missed the boat, or decided that it didn’t matter, and have just shipped a really large version of their iPhone apps on the iPad.

With Card Ace: Casino HD we’ve developed a brand-new card game interface for the large screen – and the whole thing was done with one basic idea in mind. Everything should be tactile.

When you play cards on your iPhone, you click a lot of buttons. That’s fine – it’s efficient, and it’s easy to deal with in a small amount of space. With Card Ace: Casino HD, we want you to play cards. So you muck your cards by mucking your cards just like you would in real life. You go all in by pushing your chip stack into the center.

If you want to play around with your chips on your turn, you can – flick your stacks around, split & merge them with simple gestures, or whatever you like. We wanted to make a game where playing cards felt like playing cards. Simple as that.

All the usual features of our games – cross platform compatibility, picture emotes, in-game chat, friends lists, awards – the whole shebang, including the new Sit & Go tourneys in Hold ‘Em and the new People Grid – they’re all there.

Jump in! Check it out. Let us know what you think.

Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays, from the team at Self Aware Games!

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