Clint Hocking Says What Needs to be Said

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First, go read that article. It’s excellent. Second, go do what he recommends. But don’t stop at recruiting women. Almost as much as it is male-dominated, the game industry is dominated by people who are either white or Asian. And I think that has as much of an impact on the culture & the content of what, as an industry, we create.

Self Aware Games is 3/14th women (all development, no HR/bizdev) – and I’m proud of that, but it’s sort of sad that this is the high watermark of all the places I’ve worked. We can do better! But Hocking makes an excellent point which is completely in line with our experience as well – the problem isn’t that we’re not hiring a broad range of people, it’s that we’re not getting a broad range of people applying to the jobs. So the problem is earlier in the system. But it’s something that needs active attention, and is something that as an industry, we need to take action to develop. What is that action? I don’t know, but it’s something that deserves serious consideration.

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