Rock Paper Scissors in Fleck!

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Hey Flecks,

Have you noticed the Rock Paper Scissors minigame in Fleck? If you haven’t, you’re missing out.

This is a great way to show your friends what you’re made of and make some serious coin. We have some pretty intuitive players… I would love to see who in our game can play 10 rounds and come out undefeated.

This could be you. If we have enough interest, there are surely tournaments in our future!

We introduced RPS into Fleck over the last few weeks. For those of you not familiar with the rules of the game, I will explain:

  • Rock beats Scissors.
  • Scissors beats Paper.
  • Paper beats Rock.
  • Rock is what you are living under if you don’t know the rules already!

The ante is 1000 coins for each of the two users involved.
THE ANTE IS ONLY DEDUCTED AS SOON AS A CHALLENGER HAS ACCEPTED. You wont miss out on 1000 coins if people are to scared too battle you.

Once you have activated the RPS battle, any user willing to try their hand (pun intended) at battling you has the option to select the initiator and accept the challenge.

  • The winner takes 1600 coins.
  • The loser is out his or her 1000 coin ante.
  • Ties result in both players getting their full 1000 coin ante back.

If you see a moderator wandering around in Fleck looking a little down on their luck… CAPITALIZE!

Surprise RPS battles are one of the NEW and most effective ways to call your Fleck friends over for some minigame fun!

Have any more suggestions for minigames you would like to see in Fleck? If so, feel free to email with your ideas!

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