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Hey guys! We put in some more changes last night… Wanted to give you a run down!

Changes to planter boxes: Plants in planter boxes now mature in 1/2 the normal amount of time (because they can’t be Wonder-Grown). More updates coming to plants in planter boxes soon. Wonder-Grow was taken out of planter boxes to address an exploit, which is going to be patched in a different way soon – so Wonder-Grow is probably coming back to planter boxes as well.

Change to combat loot calculation: Battling with multiple people no longer reduces your odds of finding epic and rare seeds. Previously, the odds of finding rare seeds were divided by the number of players participating in the battle; this modifier is being taken out, so you have the same chances of getting great seeds no matter how many people are participating. This also makes the Lucky Horseshoe item much more useful – previously, having multiple people in a combat using the Horseshoe did improve your odds, but now they will be substantially better if multiple people use the powerup.

Revised timers on Zombie Plants: When the timer in a ZP’s popup runs down, the ZP will either mature to the next stage, or be removed from the world. The growth/removal timers used to be inconsistent, which was confusing and misleading. The general rules are staying as they were (4s don’t mature into 5s, etc.) – this is only a change to the timers involved.

Additionally, Gem Shards are now active! On the iPad you can watch video ads to earn 1 Gem Shard each. 10 Gem Shards can be combined together to form 1 Gem!

LOADS of bug fixes as well, especially in the user interface.

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