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Today for our Behind the Developer spotlight, we are introducing you to one of the Co-Founders and masterminds here at Self Aware Games! He is one of the brains behind all things Self Aware! For your reading enjoyment, I present you with….


A little about him:

Can you tell us a little about you and how Self Aware came to be?

I have been a professional mad scientist for most of my adult life. I went to MIT with Seppo and we dreamed about creating a video game company together… but the time wasn’t right. After finishing school I created several exciting and/or successful companies including Kovio, Squid Labs, Instructables, Makani Power, and Potenco.  In 2009, Seppo and I decided that “Now Was The Time” to create an awesome video game company that took advantage of all the hidden powers in mobile devices, so we founded Self Aware Games and it has been a wild and glorious ride ever since.

Outside of Self Aware, what are your interests?

I like Kugelbahn, the EPL, and molecular gastronomy, amongst many other things.

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